Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Day of Summer Lovin' Sale

Last day of this fun sale friends!  Are you ready to see what you get today????

I brought some "ph"riends to help me celebrate the last day of the sale today.  No I haven't slipped into summer mode so bad that I don't know how to spell "friend" correctly.  These are my Phonics PHriends that I'm talking about.  Would you like to meet them?

I'll start with my Phamily (hehe!)  
Here is the Short Family (Dad, Mom, Meg, Gus, and Jill).  
I have to admit - I really LOVE this pack.  It is so much fun in the beginning of the year and SO perfect for my firsties.  We did a different family member (short vowel) each week as we began the school year and my little kiddies just adored the stories that went along with each family member and the super fun centers and activities.  I *think* they liked this unit as much as I did.  If you want to read more about this pack click HERE.  

I also have some animal "Ph"riends that have helped me with Blends.  You can read more about them HERE.  We have L Blend Lions, R Blend Rabbits, S Blend Squirrels, and the Tw Blend turtles, which is a freebie!!!

You can get these all bundled together too!

Finally, we have some Digraph "Ph"riends too (Charlie, Whitney, Beth, and Dash).  

So bring some friends into your classroom to help you teach phonics.  I have had my Superhero E "ph"riends on my to-do list for quite some time and I am hoping to get to them this fall.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Setting up your Writing Center and a Sale

Ok friends, I'm baaaaack and I'm actually on the right day today!  Summer success :)

Today I want to talk about how I set up my writing center in my classroom.

Last year I decided that I needed my students to be working on writing EVERY DAY - even if it was just a little bit.  I also decided that sometimes I wanted them to choose what they wanted to write about and sometimes I wanted them to write to a prompt.  You can only hear about Pokemon cards and video games so much - am I right?.  This was how my Powerful Prompts monthly packs began.  

First I wanted enough prompts to get us through the month.  I included holiday and theme related prompts, as well generic.  I also included different styles of writing (Narrative, Opinion, Informational/Explanatory, How-tos, and Letters) so the Common Core Gods would be happy with me.  I made them simple to read so my little firsties would be as independent as possible with these.  Here are a couple examples from my September pack:

I put all of these prompts on a ring and keep them at the writing center for the whole month.  I also made prompts that can be cut and pasted into their monthly writing journals.  I like this because then when I look back at their journals with them during conferences we can figure out what they were writing about.  Sometimes it's not always easy to remember (or decipher).  ;-)

 However, I did include pages without the space for the prompt if necessary.  I also have other options for lined papers as well.

Finally, I made portable word walls for each month so students would have some references if they needed.  


These are just examples of my September Powerful Prompts - there are 9 others.  They all have at least 25 prompts (some have 50 - Yowza!).  That's OVER 300 prompts for the whole school year.  If you'd like to set up your own writing center you can grab these sets on sale TODAY ONLY!!!  Each month is on sale, but you will get the best deal from the BUNDLE.  

Remember to stop back tomorrow to see the last day of our sale!  

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