Mother's Day isn't just for Mothers

Mother's Day is a special day, but can also be a sad day for some.  Some have lost their moms, some don't see their moms, some want to be moms, and some are moms to babies in heaven.  This can be a tough day to navigate in the classroom as well.  However, I do still think it is an important thing to discuss and acknowledge with your students.  It's ok to reach out to families ahead of time to ask if there is a special person or maybe more than one that students would like to honor for Mother's Day.  It doesn't have to be a mom.  I have had students make gifts for moms, grandmas, aunts, step-moms, or family friends.  I try to normalize the idea that all families are different and there are many people in our lives who love us and who we love too.  

To help navigate this holiday in the classroom, I made this little pack last year and I just LOVED how it all came out with my kids.  They had so much fun making these things for their special people in their lives and I had a lot of moms and family members share how much they loved reading them.  

This pack includes this craftivity where the flowers flip up for students to write.


The pictures are a little blurry so here is what my kiddos wrote:
I love you because...
*We make Tie Dye together
*You take me to Denny's
*You cuddle with me
*You love me no matter what

There is also a flower shaped gift book with 3 different versions.

*After I go to bed my mom always tweets on Facebook.

*My mom loves when I change my sister.
*My mom does not like to do laundry.
*My mom is the best at cleaning.
*The best thing my mom cooks is bacon - Yay!  (Haha!)

*My mom loves when I give her breakfast in bed.
*My mom spends lots of time texting.
*My mom does not like when I spill my drink in the car.
*My mom's favorite thing to do on the weekend is to sit around the house.

And finally, there are some printables included too.

I love my mom more than I love...
*video games (that's saying a lot for some kids)
*my toys, because my mom gave birth to me.
*cousin Amy because she doesn't let me do anything.
*cookies because I love my mom and cookies, but I love my mom more.  

You can find this Mother's Day pack in my TpT Store.  


Now a quick question for the moms who are reading this....

Which phase of motherhood are you in right now?  Are you in the early phase with little ones where you just adore each and every little moment because it's all new and exciting?  This next image makes me think of my littles ones.  

Or are you in a later phase in motherhood where you are looking back at those moments?  Maybe older children who might be a little more difficult or maybe your children are all grown and out of the house?  This next image made me think of my tween/teen kids (I have 4 daughters total).  

There are so many moments of struggle and doubt as a mom, but then #10 where we, MOMS, would do it ALL again is just so true.  Motherhood isn't perfect or easy --- definitely not easy --- but it IS worth all the moments!  Happy Mother's Day to the moms reading this!


Let's not forget the dads and other special males out there.  

I also have a Father's Day pack in my store to check out.  

These two packs are conveniently bundled in this money saving bundle:

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun creating Mother's Day gifts with your students. 

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