Party of Five

Hi there!  Long time, no blog!  

If you are reading this ---- thank you SO much for checking back on me after my looooooong break!  The last 10 weeks have been a little rough around here.  It was right around that time that I started to feel a bit queasy (Is that how you spell that?).   

One day I was out to dinner with Mr. First Grade Smiles celebrating this next stage in our lives, and the very next day I was no longer able to eat anything (or really smell any food for that matter) after 4:00 pm.  It started out slow, but every day was getting a little worse.  

This is my 3rd pregnancy (If you didn't know, we are blessed with two beautiful, smart, fun little girls).  Each pregnancy has been a little worse than the one before and this one decided to really blow the last pregnancy out of the water with morning ALL DAY sickness!  On top of becoming best friends with my porcelain throne, I was also finding that I had little to no energy.  Thank God I have the most amazing husband who didn't even bat an eyelash.  He took over as full time parent and took care of the cleaning and pretty much everything else around the house.  I don't know what I would have done without him.  

I only wish he could've followed me to school and helped out there.  It is not easy to teach energetic, excited, little firsties when you have zero energy and just want to lie down on the ground all day.  My students were also great, even though they didn't know any better.  They went along with their less than enthusiastic teacher and some slightly boring lessons and didn't seem to mind.  

So now here we are, 15 weeks in and I am finally feeling more like myself.  It was also time to tell our girls the big news!!!  We held off telling them before now because my older daughter goes to the school I teach in and I wasn't ready to share until we were further along.  It was definitely not easy keeping it from them.  They would ask why I didn't feel well and were they going to catch it.  
Um, you better not catch this!!!  

So I wanted to share how we decided to tell them that they were going to be big sisters.  We wanted to do something fun for them because they are 3 and 6 and old enough to really understand and get excited about this news.  So we prepared a little surprise package with some goodies inside that were supposed to reveal the big news.  Let's just say it took a little longer for them to catch on than we thought.  

When the girls came home from soccer we told them we had a present for them to open.  

As they opened the bin we had pink and blue balloons come out.  We soon learned that that was a mistake. 

We had a VERY difficult time regaining their attention after they saw the balloons.  Who knew balloons could be this exciting?

So we tried to get them to keep looking inside the bin.  

They pulled out some Big Sister t-shirts and some baby onesies.  
The onesies said, "I have 2 big sisters" and "I love my sisters".

I love Hannah's face in this picture.  You would think she was catching on, but nope!  They still had NO IDEA! 

Another great Hannah face.  Lauren just figured out the baby stuff was for us and that meant........

Here is what was inside the bin (underneath all the balloons).  I used fabric markers to write on the onesies.  

And of course, here they are posing for the final picture and very excited!

Although they were extremely distracted by the balloons, and it did take them forever to catch on, it was so fun for us to watch them as they finally figured out that we were going to have a baby.  

And now we are ready to share our news with the world (or whatever part of it that actually cares).  =)

Thank you again for sticking with me here.  I promise to get back on the blogging and creating track now that I feel like a person again - technically like one and a half persons =)