Father's Day, End of the Year, and a Freebie

Hi again ----- hello ---- anybody still there??  

I know I've been somewhat absent the last couple weeks, but I have a little present for those of you who continue to come back for more.  I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your visits so much!  Keep reading to get your freebie :)

I'm really just here for a super quick update of what I have been doing and will be doing as our school year winds down.  Yes, I do realize that there are some schools who might be on summer vacation already.  If that's you, just know that I'm super jealous - we still have 19 days left!  Ugh!!!  

As we all know the end of the year is jam-packed.  With all the testing, paperwork, and last minute cramming to get everything in --- it can be soooo exhausting!  So if you're anything like me you start finding ways to make life a little easier for yourself.  In my last couple weeks of school I will be digging up some things from last year, using some of the new things I made, and also getting some Ah-mazing little items that I picked up from some of my favorite bloggers ready too.  

Here's a quick rundown of how I will be surviving my end of the year craziness:

Father's Day

I just finished a little pack I will be using for Father's Day this year.

It includes a gift book, tool box craftivity, and a couple printables.  My husband really liked this one so I might be making it with my little girls for him for Father's Day too!  At least I already know he likes it :)

 I also bundled it together with my Flowers for Mom Mother's Day pack for a great discount.

End of the Year

For the end of the year I will using my Farewell Firsties pack from last year.  

This pack saved my butt last year when I was grasping for fun activities to keep us happy as the temperatures were rising and our motivation was falling.  If you want to see more of this pack, you can CLICK HERE to go to a blog post from last year.   I also have a Kinder and 2nd Grade version of this pack in my store now too.  

I've also enlisted the help of some of my blogging buddies and scored these perfect packs:


And finally, to keep some order in the classroom I try to keep as much routine as I can.  This means that we keep truckin' along with literacy centers and math centers.  I made some buggy math centers to go over some skills that really needed to be reviewed before the year was out:

But I still needed some literacy centers and I found the BEST pack to keep us going.  Sarah is a lifesaver!!!!  Even though these are for May, they can continue right into June too.  


One last center JUST FOR YOU!!!  

Here is a lemonade themed math center FREEBIE.  
Again, another skill that my kiddos needed to practice and maybe yours do too :)
Click the picture below to grab it.

Happy end of the year my friends!  
I hope I was able to provide one little bit of sanity for you with an item I suggested or with this freebie.  
Thanks for stopping by :)

Feeling Appreciated

Teacher appreciation time is back again!  Don't you just LOVE it???  
I know that each school is different in how they recognize their teachers, but no matter what your school does, it's just nice to be appreciated.  Even in some small way like a thank you card or a hand drawn picture from a student.  

To celebrate the season I started searching on Pinterest for ideas that I could make for my daughter's preschool teachers.  I went a little Pin-crazy and even started a new board - Teacher Gift Ideas.  If you're looking for some Pin-spiration you can check it out.  It seems like you can make any small gift adorable with a super cute card or tag.  It's all in the presentation - that's what I've learned from Pinterest.  
Here are just a few of the fun things I found:

You may or may not already know that Teachers Pay Teachers is big into showing appreciation for teachers, too!  So they have a kickin' sale for just that reason.  
I enjoy joining in for a good sale and would also like to show my appreciation to all the teachers out there who find my products useful for you and your students.  So if you click on the picture above it will take you to my store, which will be on sale May 6th and 7th.  You could head over now and add some things to your wish list if you want.  :-)

Here are a couple things that you might want to check out for this time of year:


My Farewell Firsties unit was a best seller last year and I had some requests to make ones for Kindergarten and 2nd Grade - so here they are:

One big difference between the pack for First Grade and the other two is the pack of review printables included in Farewell Firsties.  I haven't had a chance to include those in Kindergarten and 2nd Grade yet, but I do plan to when I get more time.  As for now all 3 packs include a memory book, 26 different awards, end of the year writing activities, and 2 craftivities.  

 I hope you stop by my little store and check out some end of the year fun!   
You can be sure I will shopping at the sale too!

And if you'd like to see who else is having a sale, here is a link-up for you to check out hosted by the wonderfully, amazing Jessica Tobin of First Grade Nest and Latoya Reed of Flying into First:

Have a great Teacher Appreciation Week and just know that you have touched hundreds (possibly even thousands) of people just by being you!