Heading Back to School

Ok, friends --- there is still time to get your shop on at the TpT Sale.  
Here are some things you can get at my store for 28% off when you enter the code BTS14.  The First Grade Bundles are a HUGE savings during a sale.  Not only are they already discounted together as a bundle, but the sale makes them an absolute steal.   Don't forget to also check out some other seasonal items like my best seller Reindeer Unit while it's on sale too.  

I also wanted to link you back to my two posts from last year in case you are starting to get yourself ready for school starting or (GASP!) if you've already started.  My heart goes out to you if your summer is already over.  

So here are some Flashback posts to read over that also have a couple freebies:

I am on my way back to clear out my wish list at TpT.  Well maybe not clear it out quite yet - I have a TON of awesome things I want to buy and I think my eyes are bigger than my wallet.  :-)

Have a great day friends!

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