Technology Apology and Instagram

I have to assume, for my own piece of mind, that I am not the only one who has technology DUH! moments every once in a while.  I can't be the only one -------- right???  

Ok - before I get to the DUH! moment here's some background ----

I'm the type of technological person who LOVES new technology, wants to jump in when there's something else new and fun out there, and also wants to take time to explore and figure things out on my own.  I love being asked by my principal to pilot some new software, go to an inservice, or use new gadgets in my classroom.  I say - Bring it on!!!  I also always like to explore and play around with something in order to get to know it well.  I seem to think I can work through kinks myself until I run into a problem and then I ask Google for some help.  Which, by the way, any technology problem is almost always answered with a quick Google search.  Believe it or not, you are probably not the first person who has a question about something and by the time you do, there are at least 50 people who have answered it for you on the internet.  Isn't the internet an amazing thing??!?! 

Anywho - I am also the type of person who wants to be in the know and not be one of those teachers who doesn't keep up with the times.  I'm not by any means saying I know everything - Nope, not even close, not even a little bit!  I just don't want to be in a conversation with someone and not know what they are talking about or be the last to find out.  

This brings me to Instagram.  

I signed up for Instagram a couple months ago and just didn't have a chance to sit down and figure it out (remember how I like to take time to explore).  I realized that it was all about sharing pictures (of course) and a little bit like Facebook (Uh-Oh!!!) but I just didn't get how or why I would use it and/or if I needed it.   

Well, I know I don't necessarily NEED it, but now that I started (like most things dealing with social media) I'm addicted!!!!  

Then I stumbled across this super fun linky over at What the Teacher Wants.  

The linky was during a very hectic time in school and I knew I wouldn't be able to link up at the time, but definitely wanted to jump in later on. Don't you just love summer, if not for the time off, but for the time to do things you didn't have time for during the school year.  

So needless to say - I have joined Instagram, downloaded some fun apps to make my pictures look more exciting, and am joining in on the Teacher Talk Tuesday fun.  I missed the linky, but I can still use my hashtags :-)  

Here are some of the picture apps I found that make my pictures look a little more exciting.  

There are MANY more out there - I know I have just scratched the surface.  So, I'd love to hear if you have any other photo apps to recommend (not that I need more things to consume my time :-)

Here are a couple pictures where I used some of these apps:

This doesn't look like a picture, but it's a screen shot on my iPhone.  I was excited that Pinterest now tells me when I've already pinned something.  Thank goodness for that update since I clearly Pin It and Forget It :-)

So although it is summer and I'm not necessarily in my classroom doing anything productive, I will still be joining in on the Teacher Talk Tuesday fun.  I'd love if you check it out by following me on Instagram, or even better, join in on the fun yourself!!!!  

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Ok, onto the DUH! moment and my Technology Apology....... 
(hehe, that rhymes)

This apology is for anyone who follows me on Pinterest.  If you do, you many have noticed an INSANE amount of pinning going on the other day from me.  Well, I had the bright idea to reorganize my pins to be more user friendly (for me) and so I would be able to find my pins a little easier.  When I started on Pinterest I had a board titled Classroom and Teaching.  I never realized just how many things I would actually pin onto this board.  I had WAY too many pins and needed to reorganize my pins and break that board up into smaller boards.  
So I did!  
Sounds simple enough, right?  
I added more boards (i.e. Literacy Centers, Teaching Math, Classroom Organization and Decor, etc).  Then I went through my Classroom and Teaching board and REPINNED ALL OF MY PINS ONTO NEW BOARDS!!!!!  If you are a Pinterest addict then you probably already know what happened when I did that.  Anyone who had chosen to follow all of my boards were now getting ALL of my pins!  I just figured since they were new boards that no one would be seeing my pins until they started following those boards.  


So I'M SORRY if you follow me on Pinterest and were really annoyed with me!

I did see A TON of repins going on, so I know some of you found some new ideas in the process, but I truly didn't mean to hog your feed.  The good thing is that those pins were 99% ideas and photos and only 1% TpT products.  I can just hope that my followers were more Pinspired than Pinned off.

So remember I told you that you can find the answer to anything technology by asking Google.  Well I did, and after Google told me I was an idiot --- I found out the BETTER way to reorganize your pins and I think this way keeps your followers from seeing it.  I must say though - I'm not totally sure about that and I'm a little afraid to check.  But if you end up doing this with your Pinterest account and it doesn't flood your followers' boards then let me know.  

So, I hope you found some new ideas and don't hate me for my Pinterest Oops!

One more thing ----- actually 2 more -----

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  1. I found you through Pinterest and am your new follower on Bloglovin and Instagram. I just joined instagram last week and have been wondering what apps are good. A friend recommended a Beautiful Mess but I'm ready to try some others too. Thanks for the tip.

    Surfing to Success

  2. That was just the app I was looking for. Thanks so much!!! :)