The Incredibly Shrinking Document!!!

This is a quick post, but I had to share what I discovered today.  This is most likely something that most people have discovered, but if you haven't yet --- maybe I can be the person to help with that.

I finally was ready to use my Measuring with Peeps center today.  Click HERE to go to the post and get it yourself - it's FREE.  Yes, I know that Easter is over, but we just didn't get to it before Spring Break.  So as my students were working on it I noticed that the lines didn't line up the way they were supposed to.  I made sure to create the images and the measuring "tool" so they would match up correctly while measuring, but that wasn't happening.  

These are the two measuring "tools' and a couple of the pictures from this document.  Maybe you can tell from the picture that they DO line up in the document.  So to try to figure out what went wrong when I printed, I first tried printing from the original document.  I created it in Pages.  It printed out the correct size.  Then I tried to print the PDF using Adobe Reader and that was when it shrunk.  

So normally, this wouldn't be a huge deal and obviously I've never noticed it before.  But for a measuring activity - it is a big deal.  So I did some Googling and found the solution.  Here is how you fix it: 

So if you downloaded this freebie, OR if you have ever had this problem where images shrink when printing ---- then double check your printing options.  

I hope this helped you as much as it did me =)


  1. I can't see the part about how to fix it lol.

    1. I know, I'm sorry. When I first published it, it didn't go through completely. But I think it worked now. Thanks for the sweet compliment too! :)

  2. Oh and I should say, that is such a super cute measuring idea!