12 Days of Christmas Read Alouds

 Day 12

The end of my 12 Days of Christmas Read Alouds and what better book to read than the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas - I like the version by Jan Brett personally.    

This year I found another super cute book called 
Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Natasha Wing

This follows the same rhyming pattern as the traditional story.  It's about a family who, on December 23rd is still not ready for Christmas.  They don't have a tree yet and Mom has the flu.  What a disaster!  At the end they realize that Christmas is not about stuff but about love!  

Since my class also did a whole day on the Grinch, we made some text-to-text connections with that book since they both have the same theme.  

We finished up with an activity about how you can give Gifts from the Heart and they are more meaningful than any other gift.  Here is the bulletin board we created.  We traced and cut out hands on green paper.  Then we glued pom poms onto our fingertips for decorations.  The presents were just plain white paper that the students decorated with one "Gift" that doesn't cost any money.  Then we put a bow on each gift and place them around the tree (we ran out of room at the bottom of the tree so they went up the side :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all get and give gifts from the heart this holiday season!!!  

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