Witch "craft"

Ok, I've been working on this cute little witch "craft" for the past week and we finally finished it today.  I'm so excited to show the final product because I LOVE the bulletin board display.   Maybe next year I will have a Halloween pack that will include this whole thing, but I'd have to start working on that :)

Maybe I'll just keep it up all year long ---- the witch could always wear a Santa hat or a green top hat for St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Hi Melissa - I love your blog:) I wanted to get back to you about my dinosaur unit. Could I e-mail you? My e-mail is: thegroovyteacher@gmail.com. Write to me and then I will be able to answer your questions. Thanks

  2. How can I get a copy of the adorable witch poem?