Friday, March 1, 2013

Penguin Projects and Dental Health

We finally finished our penguin unit!  Because of testing, other holidays, and so much more - it took a long time to get through our penguin unit.  Maybe that's really because I didn't want it to end :-)  It's amazing how much fun we had learning about these adorable little guys.  I love me some penguins!!!!

We completed our Penguin research writing and the kids did SUCH A FANTASTIC JOB!!!  I didn't get pictures of their writing, but of course I didn't forget to get some shots of the craftivity...

You can click on this picture to grab your own penguin unit!   

We also wrote our own penguin word problems.  We started out by counting out and acting out word problems using these penguin crackers, which by the way are SUPER YUMMY!  I highly recommend them!  

Then we wrote our own word problems and used printed out clipart penguins from Aisne's Creations.  Aren't they perfectly realistic?!?!?

This is my first year in first grade, so it's my first time teaching penguins and it is ABSOLUTELY my favorite unit so far!  I'm already thinking of new ideas for next year.  

We also, finally, fit in a little Dental Health.  I know I am late with this, but oh well.  I used this really cute unit by Christie at First Grade Fever.  

I just love how these writing pieces turned out.  

I think the tooth fairy.... going to make bigger teeth.        ...use them for a necklace.

...maybe make blue balloons and red balloons.          ...uses your tooth to eat out of.

...sells them for a penny.    ....puts the teeth in a jar.

...turns them into money to give to kids.    ...turns your teeth into dream dust.  

Then we made this super cute book - what a perfect place to talk about money.  LOVE IT!!!!

Finally we used these FREE centers from Doodle Bugs.  Check 'em out!

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