Saturday, June 27, 2015

3-2-1 Teacher Bio: Weekend Warriors Link-up

So school is out (finally!!) and I can breathe. 

(that was me letting out a happy sigh, not screaming.....haha)

So I am finally able to grab a quick moment to jump back on my blog and reconnect with all of you.  I love these Weekend Warriors posts and am even more excited that we have now made it a link-up so you can join in the fun too!  

This month's theme is:

So here is a little bit about me:

The Teacher Me:
1. I have taught 4th grade for 2 years, 3rd grade for 8 years, and 1st grade for 3 years and counting.  I have taught in 4 different schools, but only in 2 different districts.  I had one year in my first school district and have been in my current district for the last 12 years.  There are 3 elementary schools in our district and I have been in each one.  This year they are closing the school I am in so I am moving, yet again, to another classroom and another school.  I like changing things up, but being pregnant and packing up a classroom just really isn't fun!  Who wants to come to my room in August and unpack boxes??? Anyone?  

2.  I love the first day of school every year, but no matter how long I've been teaching I always feel nervous like it's my first year.  I can't sleep the night before.  I have dreams of forgetting to make their nametags or get materials ready.  It definitely keeps things exciting!  

3.  I am definitely very focused on my students' learning and academics; however, my primary focus will always be to teach my students how to make good choices, have good character, and most importantly be a confident learner!  I want my students to never give up, work hard, but also become a family and find ways to be a caring friend and support one another.  

The Regular Me:
1.  If you saw this post then you know we are expecting our third child in October.  We found out a couple weeks ago that we are having our third GIRL!!!!  We are all very excited!  However, I will be accepting donations for wedding funds ;-)  

2.  I love a clean house, but I need a little motivation to really clean.  Not the day to day cleaning, but the "Heavy Duty Weekend Cleaning".  My kids and I turn on Pandora and dance around while we are cleaning.  They don't last as long with the cleaning as I would like, but we still have a good time.  

So now you know a little more about me, but I would LOVE to learn a little more about you.  If you are a blogger, link up below and grab these slides to create your post.  If you don't have a blog, leave your 3-2-1 in the comments below.  

Happy Summer to you all!!!  


  1. I can't believe you have had to change classrooms that many times. Oh my goodness! If I lived close by, I would totally help you unpack in August. ;) My husband cleans the upstairs portion of the house, and he is just like you, he needs music in the background. Since I clean the downstairs, I have to have the TV on. Hehe. I hope you and your family make it to Italy! It sounds like it would be a great experience for all of you!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. Melissa! Sweet friend, your teaching travels between schools and grade levels has made you a fabulous teacher! I know many teachers that would benefit from "seeing outside of the box" if they weren't stuck in the same place for their entire careers. I think there is something to be said about learning how to adapt and take on new roles that makes you a more aggressive and independent as a teacher! CONGRATS on your new bundle of JOY coming soon! You must feel so blessed! :) And when you head back to Italy, I will hide away in your suitcase!

  3. How exciting to have 3 girls! I am the oldest of 3 and have 2 of my own (my sister also has 2!). I'm not sure we'd know what to do with a boy! I can't believe you've had to move classrooms so many times. By now, I'm sure you've got the packing down to a science. Thanks for sharing!
    Always Kindergarten

  4. Congrats on having another baby girl coming in October! Three girls will be so much fun! I have one daughter and love every minute of it I still can't believe you have changed classrooms that many times i have changed 4 but all in the same school! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Yay for girls! I'm expecting my first child and a sweet baby girl in September! Congrats! I've changed classrooms 3 times in the past 5 years. I always get nervous on the first day and then quickly settle into routine. It is one of my favorite days of the year. :)

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  6. I grew up cleaning to music. I knew that if Celine Dion was blasting through the speakers, it was a cleaning day. I am now the same way as an adult.

  7. YAY! A GIRL! How exciting! Can't wait to reconnect in Vegas! :-)

  8. I hope you can make it to Italy to visit family again, I'm hoping to make it to the Philippines one day for that same reason! I definitely need some music or something in the background while cleaning! Congrats on the baby! My bestie is expecting her first girl in October as well! :)

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  9. I can't believe you've had to move classrooms that many times!!! You must be a super fast packer by now, ha! I hope you make it to Italy soon!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  10. Melissa, WOW! I can't believe you have had to move your room 7 times. That sounds exhausting. I have always wanted to travel to Italy. I can't wait to go there someday, it looks beautiful! Congrats on the baby!

  11. Congrats on the new baby! I always get nervous on the first day of school too, I feel like one of the kids!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple