Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Lovin' Sale Day 1 and 2 (oops!)

Hi there!  So a group of my friends and I....

Remember them???

...are having a super fun Summer Lovin' Sale, because we LOVE summer!!

My friends were really good about beginning their sales on Day 1 (but little 'ol me forgot what day it was).  Oops!!!  Oh the pains of summer vacation!  ;-)

Sooooooo.....I am giving you two days in one here and posting a little early to make up for it.  

So for Day 1, I am putting all of my Polka Dot Classroom Decor items (including my bundle) on sale for 20% off.  These items are all between $1.50 and $2.50 individually and the bundle is usually $10.00.  This is a GREAT deal if I say so myself.  Here's some of the things you will find under the Classroom Decor tab in my store:

Now for Day 2...

For Day 2 I am putting all of my Back to School items on sale:

First up is my Welcome Back Pack.  For me, this was the PERFECT way to ease into a new school year.

Next is Meaningful Math.  This pack was one the best things I used last year with my students and you bet I will be using it again.  We did Daily Math, as it states, daily!  The kids looked forward to it and it helped soooo much with their number sense.

Next is a little pack that was born through Instagram.  I posted a picture of my students doing a few activities with their names and had some sweet friends ask if I would turn it into a pack to sell.  So here it is!

And finally, some Back to School centers.  These were perfect for starting off the school year and getting our feet wet with center routines.  

So I hope you'll stop by my sale.  And don't forget to check out the other sales too.
Oh, and stop back tomorrow (Tuesday actually since I'm posting a teeny bit early) to see what's on sale for Day 3 of our Summer Lovin' Sale!!!

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