Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pinspirational June Part 2

I'm back for Day 2 of this month's Weekend Warriors and some Pinspiration for you all.  
This time I will be mixing it up with some pins I've found that have helped me outside of school - with my own kids, my family, and my house.  There are SO many projects in the home that I have pinned that I wish I could do, but maybe someday they will happen.  I think my Pinterest boards are almost like a bucket list of some sort.  Someday....

Just like yesterday, each picture will be linked directly to the pin so you can find it yourself.  
So here is Pinspiration #1 - Creating a Life Binder
Can you believe that this is one I've actually done?   
I have created a binder that holds all of our birth certificates, SS cards, Baptism certificates, Wedding license, diplomas, teaching certifications, passports, and whatever else is important.  It is so nice having this all in one place.  I also made a separate binder for all of our bills with a copy of each bill and all login information for each online account.  This makes me feel SUPER organized!  

Pinspiration #2 - Hanging pictures
Tried this and it is so helpful!

Pinspiration #3 - Prettied Up Diaper Box Storage
This was something I did for Monday Made It last summer.  Somehow it makes me feel better spending SO much money on diapers if I can repurpose the box they came in.  Silly, I know!  

Here is the pin:

And here are my pictures that I posted on Instagram:

Pinspiration #4 - Popsicles Minus the Sticky Mess
Done it - BRILLIANT!!

Pinspiration #5 - I love being a mother of girls and love finding pins that help me be an even better mother.  Haven't checked all these out yet, but that's why I pinned it for later!

 And finally, another funny picture to leave you with.  

So don't forget to hop on over to these other awesome blogs to get some more Pinspiration.  And if you are looking for some more boards to follow, then click HERE to follow me on Pinterest.  

Thanks for stopping by --- have a day filled with smiles!


  1. I need that mug - hilarious! And I'm super impressed with your organization :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. I seriously need that mug! So cute! We used the tape idea to hang all of our pictures when we moved into our new house last summer. It is a genius idea. My hubby thinks I came up with it...hehehe! Cute storage boxes. I'll have to remember that when I have kiddos!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade