Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fluency Fun with Mrs. Russell's Room

Hi there!
I'm wondering how you got here today.  
Was it because you followed the link up set by the fabulous Cassie from Adventures in Teaching?
Adventures in Teaching
 Or maybe you saw my title about fluency and thought to yourself, "I can ALWAYS use a few more tricks up my sleeve when it comes to fluency," and clicked on over.  
If it's the second one, I am right there with you people!  
When I found out I was going to be able to swap products with the amazing Tamara Russell of Mrs. Russell's Room 
I knew right away which product I wanted to get:
This is by far the best thing I have found for keeping track of my students' fluency.  I am so excited to be able to share with you just how amazing it is and then I KNOW you will want it too.  
First of all, this particular pack has enough fluency passages to get you through spring.

There are 5 different topics for each month and 3 levels for each topic.  

I must tell you that Tamara is an absolute genius!  Not only did she provide 3 different levels for each topic, but she also leveled them in just about every different way you might need in your classroom.  Your principals will be kissing you when they see the differentiation going on in your classroom and the data you are able to keep on each child.  But more importantly, you will be able to use this data to target your students' needs better too.  Win-win!

This was so easy to set up in my classroom.  I made multiple copies of the teacher data sheets.  I then copied the student copies of the reading passages onto 3 different colored papers - one color per level - so I could easily grab the one I wanted.

Then I got started (as quickly as possible).  The teacher data sheets are simple to use and include comprehension questions.  I was LOVING how my students could quickly see their progress as we read each passage multiple times.  They were so motivated to beat their words per minute.  Even my lowest readers blew me away with their ability to track print quicker and quicker each time.  So awesome as a teacher to see it happen right before eyes.

Now, I am pretty sure that you are thinking you absolutely NEED to get this yourself.  Well, you might like to know that Tamara has a full year's worth of fluency passages for you to grab.  You can get them at an awesome discount by grabbing the bundle.  She also has a Kindergarten version too - perfect for struggling 1st graders as well.  Just click the picture below to check them out in her store.  
**Just a little side note: the background paper for these pictures was also created by Tamara Russell - oh and it's FREE.  
Did I not tell you she's brilliant???**

You should also check out this blog post of Tamara's where she explains how she organizes her fluency packs into a binder and it includes a FREEBIE to get you started.  She truly thought of everything!
Now for the fun part - you can WIN this product and a bunch of other ones as well - including my Powerful Prompts pack for April that Tamara reviewed HERE.  

And don't forget to check out the rest of the swappers with the link up below.  All of the products above are being reviewed.  


  1. Hi Melissa! What a GREAT review of Mrs. Russell's fluency packs. I need to go and check those out! Thanks for participating in this swap. I have loved getting to know all you ladies even MORE through this. Have a great day!
    Happy Teaching,
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  2. Oh my goodness! This blog post is so sweet! :) I am so excited about how well this is working in your room! :) It's so gratifying to know that something I made is making such an awesome impact in the lives of other learners! :)
    I am so humbled by this praise! Thank you a million times over for your kind words! :)
    I really loved your writing center packs, and I'm sure that next year they will be a monthly staple now that I know where they are! :)

  3. Melissa, I have all of Tamara's fluency packs and we LOVE them! I can't say enough about how they have helped my class' fluency this year:) I like your idea of printing them on three different colors of paper. Thanks for the perfect tip!