Sunday, January 5, 2014

Glimpse of my week

So I know I have no business complaining that my 2 week vacation is over and it's back to school tomorrow.  

How many times have I felt frustrated when people say that teachers are overpaid.  They only work part time with all their vacations and breaks.  Blah blah blah!  So yes, I did have 2 weeks off of school and I was actually able to switch my teacher brain off for a few days.  Because, although yes, we do have many days off during the year.  Days where we don't physically have to go to work.  But how many of those days do we actually turn off our teacher brains?  How many days do we have where we aren't thinking about, planning, creating, shopping for, learning, collaborating, etc?  If you're like me (and you probably are because you are spending time right now reading about teaching on your free time) - then there most likely are not too many days that fall into that category.  Just think if we were paid by the hour for ANY work we do for our jobs.  We would be stinkin' rich!  =)

So this morning (Sunday) I went into school for about 4 hours to take down Christmas and prepare for a new year.  I may or may not have cried a little on my way to school.  It was such a wonderful break spent with family that I was sad to have that part end.  We made so many wonderful memories...


As mentioned in a previous post - we went on the Polar Express train to the North Pole.  This was by far my favorite memory.  The kids wore their pajamas, talked to some Elves, and got their first present of Christmas from Santa - a bell!  So magical!!!

Sorry about the bad picture.

Christmas morning was the best!  Could not have been more perfect!!!

Some of the other highlights of our vacation were a trip to my Mom's, going to see Frozen, and going to Disney on Ice.  

So although I am looking forward to seeing those First Grade Smiles tomorrow morning - I will really miss the hugs, cuddles, laughs, and smiles that I had at home too.  

So as I sat in my classroom today and tried to turn that teacher brain back on (it was a little hard to find the switch) I thought it would be helpful to share what I have in store for my kiddos over the next few days.  I'm not at the point where I am doing visual plans like some of those super-fab bloggers out there, but here is a glimpse into my week.  

We will, of course, start out the week with our New Year's resolutions.  Can't wait to hear what my kiddos come up with this year.  I will be using this Ah-mazing freebie from Cara Carroll as well as creating this New Year's Glyph:



Our reading series (Treasures) has students reading a couple versions of  The Three Little Pigs.  In addition to these stories, I will also be pulling in some other fairytales that include three characters.  


We will be working on R-Blends this week and using this pack for extra practice and centers.  

And for our writing center this week, the kids will be writing about whether they would rather play inside or outside in winter.  My goal for them is to be able to give their opinion and at least 3 details about why or what they like to do.  We will share them on Friday and graph the results to see which wins.  



We are just about half-way through our school year and it is time for me to check in and see exactly where my kiddos are with their mathematical understanding and number sense.  At this point in the year, it is crucial to identify the students who have not picked up on some important aspects of number sense that they will need as the foundation of their mathematical success.  So we will be finishing up these two packs so I can see which students still struggle with subitizing, composing, decomposing, and representing numbers in various forms.  


Our math tubs this week will include these centers.  My favorite thing about this pack is I can reuse it throughout the year by just including different, more challenging, numbers.  According to common core, first graders need to be able to count to 120 and this pack provides practice for them to do that.  

So for those of you going back to school after break - enjoy those little kids!  Remember, they are probably missing their vacation days too.  

Next week --------------------PENGUINS!!!! =)


  1. OMG I am with you! I had a 2 week break too and I was so sad to come back this Monday. I am slowly getting back into it. Your little girls are just too darn cute! Yay for being your newest Blog Lovin follower. Drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching