Friday, July 19, 2013

Pinteresting Linkies

Love this linky with Ms. Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade, so here I am again to share my Favorite Pins from the week.  

I'm posting a little early, so I haven't linked up with Cara yet (I just know I won't be able to until much  later, so I'm posting now).   I'll link up to her specific page when it is there =)

#1: Each divider/tab is a different Common Core Standard.  I would put either a list of lessons and activities in each tabbed section or actual printables.  I'm doing a summer project for Math in a couple weeks and this is the perfect way to organize our resources.   From Common Core Galore and More

#2: I love this visual to remind me how to keep kids locked in an app on iPad
from Primary Possibilities  Be sure to click on the link so you can see all of the steps.  I couldn't grab the whole picture

#3: This would be a cute way to compare/contrast things we did over summer and now at school

#4: This link didn't work for me when I went back so if you know who it's from, let me know.  I liked the idea of "proving" how you can balance equations.  

#5: What a great visual way to label your calendar - Love washi tape!!!

#6: I totally want to do this to my chair at school - love it!!!

#7: This is so true!!!

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And make sure to head on over to The First Grade Parade to check out everyone else's pins from the week.  While you're there - give a little love to Cara Carroll and leave her a sweet note for being such a great host to these linkies!  

Don't forget to link up for my How to Teach Phonics Linky.  Click on the picture to see my post and then link your own blog post about what you do in your classroom for word work.  Can't wait to read all about it and find some more Pinworthy ideas!!!

 Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. I love the one kind word thing & the proving that an equation is balanced.

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