Friday, April 12, 2013

Five For Friday {4/12/13}

Linking up again with Doodle Bugs for their Five for Friday linky.  This linky is nice because it's an easy way to recap my week.  So here's what we've been up to....

1. This was my first week back after Spring Break.  It was NOT easy to get back into things, especially with the dreary rainy weather most of the week.  I won't complain though, because at least it wasn't snowing.  I found out this week that I must've developed a tolerance for 1 cup of coffee a day and it no longer does the trick.  

So yesterday I decided to up my dose to 2.  Woweeee!!!  I was MUCH more peppy throughout the whole day - especially during morning meeting.  I could barely be understood because I was talking so fast.   

I guess I "need" 2 cups of coffee, or else I'll look like this.....

2. Some of my struggling students needed a little extra work on digraphs, so we worked through my Phonics Phriends activities for Digraphs.  Here are a few of the pieces to it: 

This is one of the characters I used to introduce the digraph.  There is a poster and story for each of the 4 characters: Charlie, Beth, Whitney, and Dash.  There is also a mini-book for each character with the story where students can highlight and trace the digraph words.  

Here is one of the mini-books followed by a couple practice sheets --- highlight/color and write the digraph words, fill in the digraph and draw the picture, and some cut and paste sorts (sorry, no picture). This was then followed up with some literacy centers: Roll-A-Word, Silly Sentences, and Word Sort/Read the Room with a flip chart.


This student hadn't gotten the sentence correct yet, 
but she did end up getting it and drawing pictures to match.


If your students need a little extra practice with digraphs too, you can check out this pack at my TpT Store.  

 3. This week we were also working on writing poetry about Spring.  After all, it is National Poetry Month and let's be honest ---- who's more excited for Spring than me?????

We started by reading some poems that I found in various poetry books and online.  We found a couple things that we liked about these poems and talked about them.  Things like: rhyming, rhythm, repeated words, and sound words.  We wrote a poem together as a class (I don't have a picture of the chart, but here is the poem they came up with):

Rain, rain, plip, plop!
Rain, rain, drip, drop!
Rain, rain, grab my boots.
Rain, rain, grow those roots.
Rain, rain, you're no fun.
Rain, rain, I hope you're done.

Not too bad - right?

After that I had them choose one thing about Spring to focus on (or Spring in general).  Some students chose rain, flowers, sunshine, kites, ladybugs, etc.  For their bubble maps they were thinking of anything to describe whatever was in the middle.  


We started writing our poems and will finish one next week.  I plan on having them write 2-3 different poems and then picking 1 to publish.  Some of them are really good so far.  Can't wait to share some =)

4. For many reasons this has been a stressful week!!!  We had some changes in our babysitter.  Anyone who has kids can understand the stress you go through of finding the perfect babysitter to leave your kids while, more likely HAVE to go to work.  It is hard to leave them at all, but even harder to find a place you feel good about.  So without going on and on - we had to make changes and we are devastated!  On top of that, report cards were due for us today and I just finished them at midnight.  Ugh ---I hate do not love report cards!  So, I'm ready for the weekend.......but first I have #5 to look forward to......

5.   I'm super excited to be playing in our District Volleyball Tournament tonight.  Each school in our district creates a team and we have a volleyball tournament/fundraiser where families can come and watch.  I LOVE it because I miss playing sports and just love the competition.  We all have so much fun!!!  I'm hoping we win the whole thing this year.  That would be a great end to this stressful week, for sure!!!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my Five for Friday and that you'll go link up too!  I'd love to hear from you if you visited me today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

P.S. I'm working on a super fun End of the Year pack for First Graders.  I will hopefully be posting it after this weekend, so keep an eye out for it.  Can you tell that I am anxious for summer ---- and we still have 47 days left of school! 


  1. I teach kindergarten, but I might get the opportunity to teach 1st next year or the year after by looping. I love your phonics activities! They sound like so much fun!! Your kiddos are such good little poets too! Good luck with your volleyball tournament, I miss playing sports (especially volleyball) too!! :)

    Kinder Krazy

  2. We were also feeling sluggish getting back to school after break. Monday went really well...our kiddos were calm and quiet. From there, they got more wiggly and chatty each day. We're so glad for this weekend and thankfully we'll have some nice weather! Have a great weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies