Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Best Part of Teaching

What could be better than the little gifts we get from our students.  This one was even more important than just a drawing or quick note.  One of my little first graders wrote this "book" for me and brought it in with a HUGE smile on her face.  This is by far, the BEST part of teaching.  Now I have a book written about me :-)  Here it is (I wrote underneath what it is supposed to say):

The book about Mrs. Machan  By Caitlyn  You are the best teacher in the world.
You are really nice.  I love the things you teach us.  

When I play on the playground I like to think about school.

When I'm on the bus I think about school.

AND HERE'S THE BEST ONE......I miss you when I'm at home.
Awwww - how sweet - right?  

So, I'm wondering from those of you out there ---- what is the best thing you've ever gotten from a student?

Love those little First Grade Smiles!!! <3

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