Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last minute Halloween Crafts

Since I've switched grade levels this year to first grade (after the last 9 years in 3rd) I feel like I am only able to plan minute by minute.  I guess I didn't realize it was almost Halloween and I should probably change my bulletin boards.  Especially since I look down my hallway at school and see all of my fellow teachers with such amazing bulletin boards - I have to step it up!  :)

So I thought of a couple cute projects to do in the next few days and put up outside.  The first one is these cute word spiders on a glitter web.  It ties in with this week's spelling words in Treasures - consonant blends with "l".  This is a whole lot better than the T-charts or foldables that we've been doing.  Here it is:

(I realized after doing this that I REALLY like glitter.)

The second idea I had are these adorable witches that will be sticking out of the bulletin board.  I still have to make these with the kids, but here is my quick example.  Stay tuned for student pictures!

(These aren't the best pictures and I can't decide if they should be legs out to the side or sticking out from the bulletin board.  They will be much cuter when the kids do them.)

Here's to Pinterest for this quick math craft:

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